Steve Parish – Panoramic Gift Book – Wildlife


Steve Parish – Panoramic Gift Book – Wildlife – Chinese Edition This Chinese edition of the popular panoramic souvenir book Wildlife takes readers on a photographic odyssey of Australia’s mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs, insects and marine life. This souvenir book features coverage of Australia’s wildlife through brilliant photographs and informative text, and will serve as the perfect holiday memento to our visitors from China. All text has been translated into Mandarin Chinese. FEATURES:

  • Stunning full-colour photographs by award-winning photographer Steve Parish
  • Comprehensive, eloquent text that pays tribute to Australia’s natural diversity
  • Exceptional, classic design
  • The perfect special gift!

Inexpensive gift for a conference or as a pillow gift. Size 210 x 147 mm, 64 pages, Hardback This book is also avaialble in English.

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