Opal Silk Scarf by Jack Brilliant – Made In Australia


Opal design Silk Scarf

The Opal is Australia’s National Gem Stone – The rich colour mixes of Australian Opals are captured in these hand painted pure silk scarves. Colours range from deep blue, black, and fire opals through softer blues and vivid greens to the golds, rusts and pinks of the desert opals. Lengths of pure white silk are hand painted and then over-painted to create the brilliant colours of the Australian opals. The individually painted silk lengths are then steamed in an autoclave to make the colours `fast` (permanent) and to give added brilliance. After washing and ironing, the silks are individually cut and sewn with a fine rolled hem which matches the scarf`s colour .

Wonderful Australia gift  for corporate clients and as speaker gift for international clients.   Customise with company logo. Email for details.

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